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    UltraPin II Channel Cards

    • 產品名稱:UltraPin II Channel Cards
    • 產品型號:UltraPin II
    • 產品廠商:teradyne
    • 產品文檔:
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    Pin Cards for High Performance Test Teradyne’s UltraPin II pin cards for TestStation in-circuit test systems are designed for safe, accurate and reliable testing of ultra low voltage technologies. UltraPin II pin boards come in a variety of different multiplexing configurations so that each TestStation can be configured to match a customer’s particular need.

    UltraPin II Channel Cards



    • Multiplexed & non-multiplexed pin board options to match any pin count, technology and budget
    • Ultra low voltage test capability with drive and sense accuracty of 15mv
    • Award winning SafeTest protection technologies
    • 8-wire analog instrument bus
    • High quality relay switching matrix with a switching life of more than 500 million cycles, voltage rating of +/-250V, current rating of 1.5A and On resistance of 0.05 ohms
    • Available for all TestStation models
    • High density pin board options available for high pin count board test applications up to 15,360 test points

    Analog Test Capabilities
    All UltraPin II boards can access the full capabilities of the TestStation In-Circuit Analog (ICA) test instrument providing industry leading test accuracy, stability, and speed.
    The ICA module provides stimulus and measurement facilities for detecting shorts, opens, and incorrect component values on the UUT. In-circuit measurements of resistance, capacitance, and inductance identify actual component values and tolerance. Analog functional testing verifies powered component parameters such as transistor beta, op amp closed loop gain, diode characteristics, and transfer measurements. The ICA module also provides additional resources such as direct digital synthesisbased arbitrary waveform generation, full 6-wire measurement capability, synchronous sampling techniques for precise RLC measurements, and a universal 16-bit sampling DVM. The module can output drive currents of ±500 mA and can handle in-circuit test frequencies up to 100 kHz. True Non-Multiplexing Without Compromises
    The Ultra II 121/121a pin cards are a non-multiplexed pin board with 128 real pins.
    Unlike competitive test systems that claim to be “non-multiplexed”, the UltraPin II offers true non-multiplexed operation without compromise. The limiting factor for analog test cards is the number of analog bus channels available for multi-wire testing and the UltraPin II 121a is set apart from the competition by offering an 8-wire analog system which guarantees analog test techniques at any pin. An 8-wire analog bus ensures that when needed, more accurate 4-wire testing can be performed using any tester pin, removing the need to perform analog test analysis before fixture design, simplifying the development process.

    The dimensions of multiplexing include not only the number of available drivers and sensors, but also how those driver/sensors can be used, how the analog instrument bus is designed, how many logic levels can be assigned, how many sense thresholds can be specified, whether or not pin slew rates can be programmed for each pin, and whether fixture solutions place restrictions on pin assignments. The UltraPin II 121 board has no limitations in any of these multiplexing dimensions that can cause potential program, fixture, and debug difficulties.
    Designed for TestStation Compatibility and Performance Scalability
    To protect the investments that a large number of manufacturers have made in previous generation GR228X and TS12X test fixtures and programs, UltraPin II has been designed to be compatible with these previous generation test systems. Manufacturers can be confident that their existing test programs and fixtures can be transferred to the TestStation Ultra II system in a matter of minutes, with minimal effort.
    The TestStation platform is architected for change and scalability. As board complexity mix changes over time, system configurations can be changed to adapt to the needs of the test floor. The TestStation platform and TestStation’s software make it easy to add or replace pin boards and instruments, either to expand test capability or to test a different set of boards. TestStation gives you the ability to reconfigure and scale the system over time. You can plug any instrument (analog, digital, accessory instrument) into any slot. The TestStation platform covers the test requirements for nearly all the world’s boards - ranging from conventional analog test, vectorless, device programming, boundary scan, to high performance digital.
    The TestStation platform offers multiple systems and pin board technologies, so customers can optimize for performance, capacity, and capital costs to achieve lower cost-of-test. All systems can grow to deliver the full feature set of the TestStation platform.

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